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it's system when he died. reporting from sanford, florida. >> the retrial date for amanda knox is set for september 30th. knox's acquittal was overturned in march, so there were deficiencies and contradesks in the rulg. they are determining if knox and her former boyfriend killed her british roommate. >> there's a new option about serving in afghanistan. it could bring our troops home by next summer. right now the schedule has troops leaving by the end of 2014. the president is considering this new zero option. the obama administration said for months they wouldn't rule out any options on troop levels but today they wouldn't say. >> president obama said the united states will fight along. there are about 63,000 american troops in afghanistan. by next february the numbers could be cut in half. it looks like the president may speed up the timeline now. >> we have some breaking news in to the newsroom right now. details on that deadly train derailment in canada. officials said they were opening a criminal investigation into the crash and fire that followed. we learned two new bodies have
fire. >>> defense will resume its case in the trial of george zimmerman, takes place in sanford, florida where jurors are expected to hear about the toxicology report showing travon had a 9th of marijuana in the night he was killed. >>> today we are going to find out what investigators found insides the home of aaron hernandez. documents will be released explaining what they were looking for and what they took possibly as evidence. 23 year old former football player is charged with premeditated murder in the death of oden loyd. he is held without bail this morning. >>> orioles hope to bounce back when they face the rangers in camden yards. 8-5 the final. the pitcher had a rough outing giving up 7 runs. >>> everyone from defense to faa feeling the pinch. >> medical industry affected. this morning, we will hear from doctors at the national institute of health on where the cuts are going to happen. details straight ahead. >>> washington monument looking different these days. all lit up with hundreds of lights. we will explain why when good morning maryland continues. >>> heading to
made up their mind. matt gutman, abc new, sanford, florida. >> for the first time the boston bombing suspect will come face to face with survivors of the blast, and family members of those killed. dzhokhar tsarnaev due to make his first public court appearance today to hear the charges against him. the mother of who men severely injured says she wants to stare down what she calls the face of evil. attorney general airing holder will decide whether to seek death penalty. >> developments in the high profile case involving former patriot, newly released document showing aaron hernandez admitted to killing former football player odin lloyd. a third suspect arrested in lloyd's murder told him the football star admitted to the shooting. hernandez pled not guilty to murder. >> we are learning details about the asiana jumbo jet crash in san francisco. >> what was happening inside the plane after the powerful impact. abc's tahman bradley joining us from san francisco with the very latest. good morning, tahman. >> good morning, john. good morning, diana. the wreckage of the crash landing is st
it all from sanford, florida. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. we haven't seen anything quite like last night's marathon proceedings. lawyers attacking lawyers. breaking court protocol. and demanding apologies and coming so close toward the end of this trial, it shows how high the stakes are right now. and how perhaps how personally the lawyers are taking this. overnight, tensioning boiling over. >> this information, is opposed to the florida and united states constitution. >> reporter: after nearly 13 hours in court, much of it spent spars over what evidence will be admitted today, george zimmerman's attorneys angrily saying the state was withholding information. >> spending 100 hours digging it out. playing games with us. lying to this court. and now, it's our fault. >> i would offer him the opportunity to apologize to me, to say i stood by silently with information i did not have. >> reporter: the proceedings going so late, the lights went out. finally, the judge had enough. >> court is in recess. >> reporter: and even walked out. much of the night centered o
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4